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Shopping guides
1. Browse and select products
Note: Prices of products on the Website include VAT
(excluding shipping costs and related products).

2.Add Products to Your Cart

3. Order Online
Step 1: View shopping cart information
- The system displays information about the products you have ordered such as type, unit price, quantity, ...
- If you want to return the selected product (not purchased anymore), click the icon with the Recycle Bin.
- If you have a gift certificate or promotional voucher, please select the type of voucher you have and enter your coupon code in the corresponding boxes to receive the promotion.
- If you want to support Tohe Bank's social programs, please select "Support small artist and artist program" and enter the amount in the corresponding box, click on the "Support" box. - If you want to continue to view other goods, click on the "Continue shopping", otherwise click on the "Checkout".
Step 2: Personal information
Fill out the basic information in the corresponding fields (Note: the fields marked with an "*" are required fields).
Step 3: Included products
Select the type of product you want to order.
Step 4: Payment methods
Please select the payment method that's right for you.

Note: Payment of your order will be made after we call to confirm your order.

4. Confirm order
After you complete the payment steps you will receive our confirmation call within 24 hours (excluding holidays, New Year holidays and holidays) on your order to the phone number you have registered.
Note: Depending on the shipping confirmation address, we will notify you of the shipping fee.

5. Receiving goods and paying
5.1. Receive goods
- Receiving goods in the showroom: Paintings will be delivered to customers at Tohe's Gallery, 8 Do Quang, Hanoi (from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm all days of the week).
- Delivery; Paintings will be delivered to the shipping address by the time you register within 4 - 15 days depending on the address.
5.2. Payment and end of order
- Bank transfer: Please go to the nearest bank or use the "online banking" service to transfer the amount of your bill to us according to our account information in this section. The content of the transfer please specify "Payment of purchase invoice (product name)", "Customer name (The registrant of purchases on com)".

Note: If the content of the transfer is incorrect, or is confused with the name, invoice number or customer name, we are not responsible for delivery to you. After receiving the payment, we will contact you (via email, sms, phone) to confirm and deliver the goods.

-Payment on delivery
If you choose this method, we will receive payment for your bill when shipping to you. (This form applies only to customers in Hanoi city)
Privacy policies
Tohe understands that our Customers are very concerned about how confidential and used the personal information you have trusted us. Tohe highly appreciates that trust and commits that this information will be our utmost effort to keep confidential. Tohe guarantees to use customer information in a reasonable and considerate manner to constantly improve the quality of service and give customers an enjoyable shopping experience at our website.

1. Collecting Customer Information

To use Tohe's services, Customers must register for an account and provide some information such as email, full name, phone number and address and some other information. This registration procedure is to help us determine the correct payment and delivery for the recipient. You may choose not to provide us with certain information, but at that time you will not be able to enjoy some of the features that our features provide.

We also store any information you enter on the website or send to Tohe. Such information will be used for the purpose of responding to customer requests, giving appropriate recommendations to each customer when shopping at Tohe, improving the quality of goods and services and contacting you. when needed.

In addition, the transaction information including: purchase history, transaction value, shipping and payment methods are also stored by Tohe to solve problems that may arise later.

2. Use of Information

The purpose of the information collection is to build Tohe to become an e-commerce website bringing the most benefits to customers. Therefore, the use of information will serve the following activities:
- Send newsletter to introduce new products and promotions of Tohe.
- Providing a number of utilities and customer support services.
- Improve the quality of Tohe's customer service.
- Solving problems, disputes arising from the use of the website. - Preventing activities that violate Vietnamese law.

3. Information Sharing

Tohe knows that customer information is a very important part of the business and they will not be sold or exchanged for another third party. We will not share customer information except in the following specific cases:
-To protect Tohe and other third parties: We only give account information and other personal information when we are sure that giving such information is in accordance with the law, protecting the rights, property of service users, Tohe and other third parties.
- Upon a legal request from a government agency or when we believe it is necessary and appropriate to comply with legal requirements.
- In the remaining cases, we will notify customers in detail when disclosing information to a third party and this information is provided only with the consent of the parties. Customer. For example: promotions with cooperation and sponsorship with Tohe's partners; provide the necessary forwarding information for shipping units.

4. Confidentiality of Customer Information

It is important for customers to protect yourself from access to password information when you share a computer with multiple people. At that time, you must make sure you have logged out of your account after using our services.

We also undertake not to intentionally disclose customer information, not sell or share Tohe's customer information for commercial purposes, in violation of our commitments to the Customers' Principles. Tohe customer information security policy.

Tohe emphasizes that we are very interested in the rights of our customers in protecting personal information, so in case you have suggestions or questions related to our privacy policy, please Contact:
- Tel: +84 163 636 3262 - Email: tohebank@gmail.com

Tohe's customer information privacy policy is only applied at http://www.tohebank.com. It does not include or involve other third parties placing advertisements or affiliates at Tohe. We recommend that you consult and clearly distinguish the differences in the privacy policy of these websites.